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Ballarat Area (LCC, 1982)


Ballarat Area (LCC, 1982)

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Ballarat Area (LCC, 1982)

Final Report

This report contains the full text of the Land Conservation Council's final recommendations for the Ballarat Study Area. These provide an ongoing framework for public use of land in the Ballarat Study Area.

The recommendations in the text have been edited to reflect government variations and amendments at the time of approval, and subsequent changes. The recommendations are grouped under major headings, such as Parks, Hardwood Production, Rivers and Streams and so on. Key recommendations are for the Langi Ghiran State Park, Mount Buangor State Park, Enfield State Park, and Ballarat-Creswick Regional Park.

The .pdf map of the recommendations is a scanned version of the map as originally published. It has not been edited to reflect any government variations and amendments, and subsequent changes.