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Marine Investigation


Community Reference Group

VEAC is required to establish a Community Reference Group to provide advice in respect of each investigation. The Council may also appoint any committees that it considers necessary to assist with conduct of investigations.


The Marine Investigation Community Reference Group is independently chaired by Associate Professor John Sherwood.

Membership consists of:

Mr Simon Branigan Victorian National Parks Association
Mr Andrew Christie Bachelor of Aquaculture progam, NMIT
Mr Geoff Fisher VRFish
Dr John Hawkins Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria
Mr Ray Lewis Victorian Environment Friends Network
Ms Katrina Hall Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association

Mr David Lucas

Ms Denise Lovett

Native Title Services  

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council

Mr Chris Smyth Australian Conservation Foundation
Ms Renee Vajtauer Seafood Industry Victoria
Ms Kat Vcekla Dive Industry of Victoria Association
Mr Andy Warner Boating Industry Association of Victoria
Mr Jeff Weir Dolphin Research Institute
Ms Kimberley Millers Australian Marine Sciences Association, Victorian Branch



Scientific Advisory Committee

A Scientific Advisory Committee has been established to provide advice to the Council on:

  • current scientific research and data applicable to the investigation
  • techniques and approaches that would assist VEAC in the conduct of the investigation, particularly relating to assessing performance against ecological criteria
  • key gaps in relevant scientific knowledge tht could be addressed by research in both the short term and long term

Membership consists of:

Mr Rod Gowans PSM, (Chair)

Dr Alan Butler

Dr Scott Condie

Professor Peter Fairweather

Professor Gregory Jenkins

Professor Michael Keough

Dr Mark Norman

Dr Barry Wilson

Professor Allan Curtis

Associate Professor Mardie Townsend

Associate Professor Sue Moore