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Remnant Native Vegetation Investigation (VEAC, 2011)


Remnant Native Vegetation Investigation (VEAC, 2011)

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Remnant Native Vegetation Investigation (VEAC, 2011)

Final Report

Government Response

The Victorian Government released its response to the final report for the investigation on 24 November 2011. View the response and the Minister's media release.

The final report for the investigation was submitted to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change on 31 March 2011 and released publicly on 7 April 2011.

The report is available to be downloaded here.

The report marks the completion of VEAC’s role in the investigation. Under section 25 of the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council Act 2001, the Minister is required to table the response of the Government to the report within approximately six months specifying the action proposed to be taken with respect to each recommendation.

In July 2008 the Council was requested to carry out an investigation of remnant native vegetation on Crown land and public authority land outside of largely-intact landscapes across Victoria to identify opportunities for ecological linkages. The full terms of reference are available here.

The notice of investigation was published in February 2009, and 74 submissions received. These submissions were considered during the development of a discussion paper. The discussion paper was published for public comment in June 2010. VEAC received 120 submissions on the discussion paper and these can be viewed using the View Submissions button in the navigation to the left.