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About us

The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council was established under the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council Act 2001.

The Council is made up of five members including a Chairperson. The members are collectively required to have a range of experience, skills and knowledge in a number of areas related to the management of public land and natural resources.

The role of the Council is to conduct investigations, assessments and provide advice as requested by the Victorian Government relating to the protection and ecologically sustainable management of the environment and natural resources of public land.

The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) replaces the Environment Conservation Council (ECC) which in turn replaced the Land Conservation Council (LCC). A history of the LCC and the ECC was published in 2006: As If For A Thousand Years by Danielle Clode and is available on our website.

You can access VEAC's annual reports from our website, go to About and select Annual Reports.


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