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LCC Historic Places Special Investigation South-Western Victoria (1995-1997)


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In February 1995 the Minister for Planning requested the LCC to carry out a special investigation of historic places on public land in south-western Victoria.

The huge investigation area extended from the edge of the Mallee to Cape Otway and covered the South Western study area districts 1 and 2, the Wimmera and Corangamite study areas and parts of the Ballarat and North Central areas.  For this special investigation Crown land and public authority land in the City of Warrnambool and the Rural Cities of Ararat and Horsham were included by proclamation under the Land Conservation Act.

A descriptive report was published in January 1996.  Following publication of the descriptive report, Council received 34 submissions from a range of sources including state government departments, local government, community groups and individuals. These submissions were considered by Council in the preparation of its proposed recommendations which were published in July 1996. The Council received 65 submissions in response to the proposed recommendations. The Council published its final recommendations in January 1997.

This landmark study compiled and assessed data on more than 2,000 places of historical significance, recommending 67 historic and cultural features reserves and zones, and protection for another 285 significant places and 400 notable places. Themes represented included mining, timber harvesting, public buildings, water supply, transport, settlement and recreation.

The descriptive report, proposed recommendations and final recommendations are available from this page.

Government decisions on the final recommendations can be found on this website here.

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